Rock Beats Paper
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About Us

Rock Beats Paper is the latest project from New York City based Painter, Graphic Artist and Fashion Designer Steve Altan. Steve has worked as Art Director and Consultant to some of the top classic brands in the fashion industry including Apple Bottoms, Ecko Red, Sean John, Baby Phat, Dereon and Rocawear.

Steve is currently one of the most sought after designers in streetwear, designing and consulting for brands like MSFTSRep, Fly Society, NBAxForever21 and Levi’s and working closely with athletes and artists like Jaden Smith, Carmelo Anthony, Allan Houston, Dave East and Ed Lover to name a few.

Steve’s passion for art, fashion and music led him to leave the corporate world and set off on hs own to create Rock Beats Paper. Drawing inspiration from the late 70’s, early 80’s that saw the birth of hip hop and punk rock to the 90’s golden age of rap music and what’s known as “grunge rock”. Steve began designing graphic tees and customizing denim jackets, band t-shirts and other apparel as art pieces that stayed authentic to the era.

“ I don’t want to make pieces that look mass produced and perfect- they need to look authentic. They need to look like they were made by a kid in his/her room listening to their favorite band and being inspired. I love playing with paints and bleach, sewing on patches and setting studs by hand- I love all the little imperfections. I’ve designed in digital, sitting at a computer, for over a decade trying to make designs perfect - feels good to do things in analog feels a lot more real.” - Steve Altan